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Do you find yourself looking at your bank account and thinking "where did all my money go?!" Are you a 1st gen wealth builder, but don't know how to transfer that knowledge to your children? Whether you have no clue where to start or you want to make sure you continue to keep your wealth, this is where I come in.

Did you know that most Americans don't have enough savings to cover a $400 emergency? Did you also know that more than 70% of the generational wealth that families hold is completely gone by the 3rd generation? That means 1st generation wealth builders could watch all their hard work dissipate by the time their grandchildren are of age and if you're 2nd generation, it will be your children.


Frugal Frances is all about how to keep your money in your pocket (or savings and brokerage accounts) and how to make sure the next generation keeps it as well. So if you looking for answers to money questions, be kind to yourself, breath, and explore the Frugal Frances site to learn more!

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