About Me

I'm sure you've heard the term frugal before, but maybe you've been thinking about it the wrong way.


You see, I'm the type of person that will spend 10 minutes analyzing whether I should buy something regardless of the price. During that time, I'm asking myself questions:


  • Is this something I really want? 

  • Am I going to feel differently about it tomorrow? 

  • How much value am I really going to get out of this? 


I usually decide it's not worth it and don't buy it. This leads to most people thinking that I'm "afraid" to spend money. However, while I often pass on things like new clothes, expensive meals, or extravagant trips, I am still spending money. Just not the way most people do.

Remember that last question about "how much value am I really going to get out of this?" Well, once I realize something is going to bring a great deal of value, I don't hesitate to spend money on it. Sometimes thousands or more. So, I am either buying or making plans to buy: 

  • Real estate 

  • ETFs (exchange trade funds) 

  • Individual stocks 

  • Businesses 


Certainly not a cheap list of purchases but all of them well worth the money. So, if I am spending all this money, I can't be "afraid" of spending money. That's because I'm not.


What is frugal? Frugal is making smart decisions with your money. Depending on the situation, it could mean investing it, saving it, and occasionally of course, spending it. I founded Frugal Frances because that's how I view myself and I want to change the way people view the term frugal and their money. A frugal mindset helped me: 

  • Buy a house with my income only 

  • Be financially prepared to purchase investment property 

  • Create a fully funded emergency fund 

  • Pay off all credit card debt

  • Be completely debt free next year 

  • Be able to retire at 40 if I choose to


It doesn't mean I never buy expensive things or indulge myself. It's about moderation and making sure I take care of myself financially first. Money is a tool. Once you know how to leverage it, you can control it instead of it controlling you. 


Want this too? I'd love to help you on your personal finance journey today! 

All good personal finance habits start with a great budget. New to budgeting? Try the interactive Frugal Frances Budgeting Basics course to get started.