Budgeting Basics

"Budgets are hard!", "Budgets are boring!", "I never remember what to do!"


I get it. Budgets can be tough. And just having a budget doesn't do much for you if you don't or won't use it.  


We all understand the benefits of having and using a budget: 

  • Prevents you from over spending 

  • Keeps you on track to reach your financial goals 

  • Helps you put money toward the important things 


But what good is a budget if you can't make sound financial decisions? That's the key element for you having a budget that actually works! 

If you need help learning how to make sound financial decisions, you typically have to work with a money coach. While I am a money coach, I also understand that a coach may not be in your budget right now.


But not being able to afford a money coach shouldn't prevent you from getting started on your personal finance journey. That's where the Frugal Frances Budgeting Basics course comes in. 

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The Frugal Frances Budgeting Basics course is a different way to approach budgeting. Instead of handing you a template and sending you on your way or you working with a money coach, you can get the tools you need to get started budgeting and start practicing making good financial decisions!


Maybe budgeting is new for you and you're looking to get started. Maybe you have a budget but want a new way to categorize expenses. 

With the Frugal Frances Budgeting Basics course, you get an interactive experience that feels more game-based than lecture-based. You'll go through three levels and complete activities that will get you thinking about how to spend money. 

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The numbers and budgets used in the course are based on a zero-based budget, meaning the idea is to put every dollar to work for you. The course also comes with a FREE Frugal Frances Zero-based budget excel template for you to use and it's complete with instructions and descriptions for each category. 

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If that wasn't awesome enough, you'll also get 15% off the Money Coaching Program if you want to work with me as your coach in the future! 


You get all of this for just $39.99. And right now, you can take 50% off with code bfbudget for Black Friday and get the course for $19.99! Ready? Take the Frugal Frances Budgeting Basics course today! 

Course comes with 30 days of access.

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