Money Coaching

"I thought budgeting would be great, but I already have a budget and I'm still not seeing progress. What's happening?" 


Maybe this is you. You already have a budget, but you still feel like you can't reach your financial goals. While a budget is the first step, it's going to take more than a budget to get there. It takes changing your relationship with money. It takes being held accountable. It takes a team. 


That's where coaching comes in. Just like any other coach, a money coach is going to 

  • Hold you accountable 

  • Facilitate change in how you think 

  • Guide you on approaches that are specific to your situation 


There are a lot of standards and rules around what you should do with your money, however, I take a different approach to money coaching. I don't follow a specific standard or financial guru. Personal finance is PERSONAL and your solution should be as unique as your situation. 


When we work together, we'll determine what your financial goals are and then work backwards to create a step by step plan that feels more manageable.  


Because choosing a money coach is a big decision, it's important that you feel comfortable and confident in who you choose to work with. 

If you are interested in seeing if my coaching style is right for you, sign up for a FREE introductory call today!